Is Adding an Outdoor Pizza Oven Worth it?

Incorporating a pizza oven into an outdoor kitchen is a trend that’s heating up in luxury homes for 2024, blending the allure of al fresco dining with the rustic charm and flavors of wood-fired cuisine. Here’s an exploration of this trend, featuring insights on the best outdoor pizza ovens and the evolving design of outdoor … Leer más

From ENIAC to Enterprise: The Dawn of the Digital Age in Pennsylvania

Where Was the First Computer? The title of “the first computer” often goes to the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), which was developed at the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Electrical Engineering. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the ENIAC was completed in 1945 and unveiled to the public in 1946. This machine is recognized … Leer más

Tri-co Protothon 2024: Unleashing Creativity and Innovation

Tri-co Protothon 2024 is a captivating two-day event aimed at harnessing the creativity and problem-solving skills of students through a collaborative hackathon. Hosted by Bryn Mawr College’s Girls Who Code club, this event welcomes students from the Tri-College Consortium—Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges—to engage in product development and prototyping to tackle real-world challenges. Event … Leer más

Narberth Civic Association’s Potluck Social: A Community Gathering

The Narberth Civic Association (NCA) invites the community to its Annual Potluck Social, a cherished event that fosters community spirit and connection. This year’s gathering is particularly special as it marks the first occurrence since February 2020, offering a long-awaited opportunity for residents to come together, share delicious meals, and enjoy each other’s company in … Leer más

Celebrating Black History: The Start of Media’s Afro-American Community

This educational and inspiring event delves into the rich history of Media’s Afro-American community, tracing its roots back to before the town was officially founded in 1850. Led by Dr. Sam Lemon, whose ancestors arrived in Media as runaway slaves, this presentation offers a profound look into the past, highlighting the enduring spirit and contributions … Leer más

Plantology on Tap: Sensational Citrus at The Creamery of Kennett Square

Refresh your senses and expand your botanical knowledge with Plantology on Tap: Sensational Citrus, a unique event hosted at The Creamery of Kennett Square. Dive into the world of citrus plants, their uses, and their significance through an engaging and informative session that combines education with enjoyment. Date: March 21, 2024Time: Check The Creamery’s website … Leer más

Noches de poesía en el MAC: Liz Chang

Join us for an evening of poetry and music at the Media Arts Council (MAC) with featured poet Liz Chang. This event combines a writing workshop, live reading, and an open mic session, providing a platform for poets to share their work and for audiences to discover new voices. Event Details: What to Expect: The … Leer más

The Irish Wake of Paddy O’Toole at McCoole’s

Embark on a hilariously heartwarming journey to McCoole’s this March for “The Irish Wake of Paddy O’Toole.” Dive into a comedy play where traditions blend with laughter, and a wake turns into an unforgettable celebration of life. This cherished St. Paddy’s Day tradition promises an evening filled with uproarious fun and unexpected surprises, making it … Leer más

Who is N.C. Wyeth: Pioneering American Illustrator

Before Andrew Wyeth captivated the world with his detailed realist paintings, his father, Newell Convers (N.C.) Wyeth (1882-1945), had already established a formidable legacy as one of America’s leading illustrators. Renowned for his vibrant and dynamic illustrations that brought to life the characters of classic literature, N.C. Wyeth’s work has become synonymous with the American … Leer más