40th Annual Darby Creek Valley Association Stream Cleanup

Join hands with the Darby Creek Valley Association (DCVA) for their watershed-wide clean-up event, aimed at preserving the health and beauty of our local waterways. This annual event brings together community volunteers to remove trash, tires, and other debris from the streams and banks of Darby Creek and its tributaries. It’s a day of environmental stewardship, camaraderie, and making a tangible difference in our natural surroundings.

Event Details:


  • Community Impact: Participate in a cause that improves water quality, enhances habitats, and beautifies the community.
  • Educational Opportunity: Learn about the importance of clean waterways and the impact of litter and pollution on our environment.
  • Meet Like-Minded People: Connect with fellow community members who share a passion for conservation and environmental stewardship.

The Darby Creek Stream Cleanup is an excellent opportunity for individuals, families, and groups to contribute to environmental conservation efforts. It’s a hands-on way to make a positive impact, learn about local ecology, and enjoy the outdoors while giving back to the community.

Pre-registration is encouraged to help the organizers plan for the event. All necessary equipment and instructions will be provided on the day of the cleanup. Volunteers are advised to wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing for working in outdoor conditions.

The annual stream cleanup is more than just a day of picking up trash; it’s a commitment to protecting our natural resources and ensuring a healthy environment for generations to come. By participating, you become part of a community-wide effort to care for our waterways and contribute to the overall well-being of Newtown Square and the larger ecosystem.

To register and for more details, please visit the Darby Creek Valley Association’s website.