Upper Merion Township’s 2024 Earth Day Festival

This Earth Day, take part in a celebration of environmental awareness and sustainability at Upper Merion Township’s Earth Day Festival on April 20th, 2024. Located at theTownship Building Back Lot/Park, this free festival is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future and engaging the community in environmental stewardship.

Why Participate in the Earth Day Festival?

  • Educational Workshops and Exhibits: Learn about sustainability practices, renewable energy, and ways to reduce your environmental footprint through a series of workshops and exhibits.
  • Community Clean-Up: Join in community clean-up efforts to help beautify the area and promote environmental responsibility.
  • Local Vendors and Sustainable Products: Discover local vendors offering sustainable products and services. It’s a great way to support eco-friendly businesses and find new ways to incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle.

Location: Upper Merion Township Building Back Lot/Park The festival’s location in King of Prussia ensures easy access for residents and visitors alike. The park setting provides a perfect backdrop for a day dedicated to celebrating and preserving our planet.

A Family-Friendly Event With activities and educational opportunities for all ages, the Earth Day Festival is an ideal outing for families. It’s an opportunity to teach younger generations about the importance of environmental conservation in a fun and engaging setting.

Making a Difference By participating in the Earth Day Festival, you’re not just celebrating Earth Day; you’re contributing to a movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious community. It’s a chance to learn, share, and commit to making positive changes that benefit our planet.

Join the Celebration Mark your calendar for April 20th and be part of Upper Merion Township’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Whether you’re passionate about environmental issues or looking to learn more about how you can make a difference, the Earth Day Festival offers a wealth of opportunities to engage and inspire.

For more details on the Earth Day Festival and how you can get involved, visit Happening Next and Upper Merion Township’s official website【31†source】【30†source】.

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