Plantology on Tap: Sensational Citrus at The Creamery of Kennett Square

Refresh your senses and expand your botanical knowledge with Plantology on Tap: Sensational Citrus, a unique event hosted at The Creamery of Kennett Square. Dive into the world of citrus plants, their uses, and their significance through an engaging and informative session that combines education with enjoyment.

日期: March 21, 2024
时间: 查看 The Creamery’s website for event times.
地点: The Creamery of Kennett Square, PA
门票: Visit The Creamery’s website for ticket details.

A Zesty Evening of Learning and Tasting

Discover the fascinating world of citrus plants, including their history, varieties, and culinary uses. The event features expert speakers, interactive discussions, and, of course, tastings of citrus-infused beverages and foods. It’s a perfect blend of learning and leisure.

Engage with Botanical Experts

Plantology on Tap offers a rare chance to engage with botanical experts and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just curious about the citrus family, this event promises insights and discoveries for all.

A Vibrant Venue

The Creamery of Kennett Square, known for its lively atmosphere and community-focused events, provides the perfect backdrop for this botanical journey. Enjoy the rustic charm and warm hospitality of one of Kennett Square’s beloved venues.