Mortonville, a small, unincorporated community located in 切斯特县, Pennsylvania, is known for its rural character and proximity to natural beauty. Situated just 35 miles west of Philadelphia, Mortonville offers residents a peaceful, countryside setting with easy access to nearby towns and cities.

Mortonville was originally settled in the early 18th century by English and Welsh Quakers who were attracted to the area’s fertile farmland and natural resources. The community was named after the Morton family, who were prominent landowners in the area. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Mortonville remained a small, agricultural community with a strong emphasis on dairy farming and woodworking.


  1. Mortonville Schoolhouse: This historic one-room schoolhouse, built in 1874, serves as a reminder of the community’s educational heritage and is occasionally open for tours.
  2. Mortonville United Methodist Church: This small, white clapboard church, built in 1845, is a focal point for the community and hosts regular services and events.

Mortonville is served by the Coatesville Area School District, which includes:

  1. 科茨维尔地区高级中学
  2. 科茨维尔地区中级高中
  3. 北布兰迪万中学
  4. 斯科特中学
  5. 南布兰迪万中学
  6. 卡尔恩小学
  7. 东法洛菲尔德小学
  8. 友谊小学
  9. 国王公路小学
  10. 彩虹小学
  11. 里斯维尔小学


  1. 西切斯特大学 (15 英里)
  2. Immaculata University (20 miles)
  3. Penn State Great Valley (25 miles)
  4. Villanova University (35 miles)

While Mortonville itself has no shopping centers, the nearby towns of Coatesville and Downingtown offer a variety of retailers, services, and dining options.

Mortonville has limited dining options, but the nearby towns of 科茨维尔唐宁敦 offer a selection of restaurants, from casual eateries to local favorites.

Mortonville is surrounded by beautiful countryside, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation. The nearby Hibernia County Park features hiking trails, fishing, and picnic areas, while the Brandywine Creek State Park offers hiking, fishing, and canoeing opportunities.


  1. Mortonville Community Yard Sale: This annual event, typically held in the summer, features a community-wide yard sale with residents offering a variety of items for purchase.
  2. Mortonville Christmas Tree Lighting: This festive event, held in December, includes caroling, hot chocolate, and a visit from Santa Claus at the Mortonville United Methodist Church.


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