Home Preparation Services for Out-of-State Homeowners

Transforming a Havertown Investment Property for Market Success

Mark, an out-of-state homeowner, needed to prepare his property at 8 Princeton for sale. Living far from the property made it difficult to manage the necessary repairs and enhancements required to make the home market-ready. The age of the property added an additional layer of complexity, with outdated hardware and systems in need of attention.

The distance made it challenging for Mark to oversee the preparation process, and the property needed various repairs, cosmetic upgrades, and a thorough cleaning. Specific issues included:

  • Outdated locks and hardware.
  • Areas needing strategic painting and touch-ups.
  • Essential repairs for light fixtures, door latches, and smoke alarms.
  • Enhancements to curb appeal and landscaping.
  • Comprehensive cleaning to ensure the home was immaculate for potential buyers.

Without proper management and execution of these tasks, the property risked remaining on the market for an extended period, potentially leading to a lower selling price.

Inadequate preparation could result in a poor first impression on potential buyers, reducing the home’s attractiveness and marketability.

Comprehensive Home Evaluation

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a homeowner looking to maximize your return, our team is dedicated to helping you make the most of your time and assets.

By entrusting your property to our expert team, you can rest assured that every aspect of the selling process will be handled with the utmost care and precision, allowing you to focus on your next venture.

From minor cosmetic enhancements to more substantial upgrades, we’ll provide you with a transparent, detailed plan of action.

Our thorough evaluation ensures that your property will be optimally positioned to attract serious buyers and generate the highest possible return on your investment.

We managed multiple repairs and upgrades to ensure the property was in top condition for listing on the MLS:

  • Painting: Focused on key areas like the kitchen, master bedroom, and hallways, with a strategic plan to make the house show well​​.
  • Locksmith Services: Replaced outdated locks, which involved dealing with very old equipment and replacing the door handle and boat lock to ensure the front door had keyed entry. This job was particularly challenging due to the age of the hardware and cost $360​​.
  • Gas Fireplace: Conducted an evaluation and arranged for necessary repairs, costing $75 for the assessment​​.
  • Light Fixtures: Repaired and replaced light fixtures in the basement where the pull-chain was broken​​.
  • Smoke Alarms: Fixed and reinstalled smoke alarms on the third floor​​.
  • Range Hood Installation: Had a new vent range hood installed, a complex job involving precision cutting through a kitchen wall and dealing with stone.

The Difference in the Details

Our team approaches every property with a meticulous eye, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked in our quest to maximize your investment’s potential.

We understand that the little things can make a significant impact on a buyer’s perception, and that’s why we go the extra mile to address every detail, transforming your property into a captivating showcase that stands out in the market. Our team meticulously addressed every detail, enhancing the property’s overall appeal:

  • Repairs: We addressed light fixtures, door latches, and smoke alarms, ensuring everything was in working order.
  • Cosmetic Touch-ups: We performed trim painting, cleaned all areas, and addressed minor issues like stickers on doors.
  • Landscaping: We maintained the lawn, planted flowers, and enhanced curb appeal.
  • Exterior Clean-up: Ensured the exterior was pristine and inviting.
  • Interior Cleaning: We conducted dusting, vacuuming, and window washing.

At Skyline Real Estate, we understand that not all homeowners have the time, physical ability, or technical expertise to prepare their homes for sale. Whether you’re a busy professional, an older adult, or simply not comfortable with managing home repairs and improvements, our team is here to help.

We offer a comprehensive, hands-on approach, managing every aspect of the home preparation process so you don’t have to. Our services are designed to relieve the stress and burden from you, ensuring your home is market-ready with minimal effort on your part.

We coordinate and oversee all necessary repairs, upgrades, and cleaning, providing transparent cost management and regular updates. You can trust us to handle everything efficiently and professionally, making the process seamless and worry-free. With Skyline Real Estate, your home will be in the best possible condition to attract buyers and secure top market value.

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